WaiKool Homes is a global real estate agency specialized in the residential local market with a presence in cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs, New York, Madrid, Hawai’i Islands and Costa del Sol area. We are experts in helping people moving abroad, relocations, and foreign investments in Spain. 

We hold a high standard when it comes to taking beyond-outstanding care of our clients before, during, and after the transaction, including the emotional support, that is often missed in this field. We aspire to make the buying and selling process or your abroad experience simple, non-intimidating, enjoyable, efficient, and fabulous.

WaiKool is made up of an excellent human team of professionals and partners specialized in the sector, who offer exclusive and personalized advice in all areas with the goal of creating jaw-dropping experiences for every customer.

At WaiKool we consider each of our homes as a unique product, and each of our customers as a unique case in need of a personalized strategy. Collaboration and communication run in our blood and we believe that together we are stronger and can deliver a unique and personalized experience to clients.

Our rebellious spirit keep us innovating through technology, design and the way we serve our clients. We are constantly rethinking our industry norms and our system allows us to seamlessly anticipate market trends and opportunities. Each transaction is meticulously curated, ensuring all details are carefully executed and handled thoroughly.

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Search listings in any of the neighborhoods in LA! Choose your lifestyle by being close to the craziness or further apart.


Small desert town full of cultural amenities, shopping, entertainment and nature. Ideal for your vacation home if you can't stay full time!


We understand why the city is known as "America's Finest City". Ideal climate, beautiful beaches, and array of world-class family attraction. Bonus: Great Schools!


If you like the suburbs and like to feel to be away from everything but close enough for a day trip, you have many cities to choose from that would make an ideal family home.


LA has 75 miles of coastline. Find your ideal home near the ocean if you like the beach lifestyle. Amazing properties with beautiful panoramic views. Some of the most desirable locations in the city.


Nested between the mesmerizing San Jacinto and Santa Rosa mountains, this place is like no other. Many cities to choose from but all of them with a mild winter. Very popular to welcome snowbirds every year.


The county includes a mixture of urban and rural communities, from coastal beachfront to mountains and desert. You truly can find your dream home in this wonderful county!


If you like elevated nature, this might be the place for you. It has a massive and one of the most popular alpine lakes in the country. Extremely popular during the ski season.


In the heart of LA, WEHO is full of culture and creativity with great dining, entertainment and shopping and bordered by Beverly Hills.


More known as just "The Valley", it has it all! It's made up of gorgeous suburbs and mini-malls. Major network and movie studios call it home. You can call it home as well by choosing your ideal city.


A modern and suburban mecca on eastern end of Chula Vista. Great maintained family neighborhood with a short drive to both, Mexico and the coast.


If you are thinking of getting an overseas investments, you can explora some options here. We have other options in all price-ranges not available in the MLS.

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