What sets us apart from other competitors? It’s our technology, collaboration culture and innovative marketing strategies. This is a business, we treat it like one- no amateur iPhone photos. Most real estate agents don’t treat your biggest investment with the respect that it deserves. When you work with us, you have a complete professional marketing team backing you up and making your home rank #1 among buyers. During the pre-market step we make your home ready to sell!

See below the different services that we offer to our sellers.

Professional Photos

Don't settle with average!

Minimize days on the market and maximize sale price by using stunning professional photography. High-quality pictures are essential to marketing a property. They sell homes 50% faster, 39% closer to the list price, and generates 118% more online views. Our crew takes beautiful to show the home in its best light. These photos are then delivered directly to the graphic design team for the creation of email, print campaigns and advertisement.

Professional Video

Video takes the product to the next level

Video is the fastest way to share information. It's nit just fast, it's emotional and believable. Presentation is the key in attracting serious buyers and to set you apart from the rest of the crowd. 85% of both, sellers and buyers, would like to work with a real estate agent that uses video marketing. Furthermore, homes listed with video get four times the inquires of those listed without one. In addition to photography, video solution has become vital and integral part of the marketing strategy of any property.

Drone & LifeStyle Service

We show your home & all surroundings.

With drone photography and video, not only you show every angle of the property but adding lifestyle can make buyers feel what it would be like to live in that specific home and neighborhood. We create mini-movies Hollywood-style pitch technique that perfectly mesh together home highlights with scenes of faux owners enjoying the residence or showing viewers the best spots around the neighborhood were the home is located, creating an emotional connection with buyers

Smart Signs

Clients can tour your home right from outside.

There are no limits to how we can use our smart signage. We use QR technology in all of our signs. Forget about the old flyer boxes. With our smart sign, buyers can access to all the information that they need, photos, video, and even schedule a showing right from your front door. When they scan it, we get their information and we follow up with them.

Buyer Love Match

We might have the best buyer waiting.

We don't wait until you have listed your home to find buyers. With our "Buyer Love Match" system, we are able to check for matching buyers with a score 0 to 100. Through our network, we track and keep in touch with thousands of buyers from their very first email or call and we are ready to introduce you to ALL of them. Imagine the possibilities.

Email Campaigns

Guaranteed results.

Clean, simple and direct e-mails. We create listing emails that feature your home in the best light to agents, buyers and anyone interested in Real Estate. Unlimited possibilities. Buyers will share it on social media or pass it along, eventually reaching out to unknown buyers in an organic way. Email works and we sure use it!

Premiere Exposure

Have your home seen in any portal.

When you list with us, you are not just getting exposure on the local MLS. Your listing is populated to our WaiKool Network and your property is marketed online 24/7 through more than 350 of the most popular search websites.

Printing Packages

Great bonus added.

Your home will de detailed in a full-color, professionally designed and printed postcards, flyers, brochures etc... that we distribute to a specific target audience.   Ask us for some samples and you will be impressed.  


MLS will help to distribute your home.

Most agents will place your property in the local MLS only. We distribute your listing to several Multiple Listing Services (MLS) across California and even the beautiful Hawaiian Islands and Europe. Because you never know where your buyer is coming from, this matters!

Story Telling

Because your story is unique.

You home description is your first chance to attract buyers. Typically, includes the address, price, and a short summary of features. This is standard stuff but sticking to the basics is not enough to stand out from the crowded marketplace full of other listings. We create scripts. A Story about your home. Stories drive action. We tell a story about your home through specialized and selective marketing that will trigger the emotional buyer.

Staging & Design

We make your home ready to be seen.

Living in your house is very different from selling it. A house that is staged or de-cluttered will sell faster and for more money. Why? Most buyers are very emotional. They decide whether they want to purchase a home based on whether or not they can see themselves living there. You home because a product as soon as it hits the market and we are ere to help you to accentuate the positive features to maximize the sales price.

Open Houses

Open houses & events to attract buyers.

When we say "Mega" we are referring about the marketing we use to get your home sold face-to-face with buyers. From traditional open houses to wine events or special interest events. We make calls inviting clients and agents, we door knock homes in the neighborhood, advertise and invite active buyers that are currently looking. Our opens are flexible on time, depending the type of property and season of the year.

Web Traffic

Let's get those clicks on your home!

Our listings dominate online with dedicated property and lead capture websites that attracts buyers daily. Our social media and email marketing campaigns are re-directed to our site and allow thousands of buyers to find your home online. All lead capture is automatically added to our CRM and that allow us to follow up with prospective buyers.

Geographic Targeting

We want to target the tight people.

We advertise your non real estate websites to visitors in a 15-mile radius, reaching every device that potential buyers are using -desktop, laptop, tablet and cell. This network spans over two million websites that reach over 90% of people on the internet. We target the type of client that we know will be attracted to your listing. Narrowing this search help us to invest our moneyin the right audience.


You are re-targeted daily on Facebook.

Our marketing drives visitors to our website through clicking on digital promos an ads or via QR or text technology. We tag each's visitor internet browser. As buyers leave our web, our ads are repeatedly displayed to those tagged. Each view increases the interest of the buyer that ultimately comes back to our web, maximazing the opportunity of receiving an offer.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a must in today's Real Estate.

In addition to all of the free online marketing utilized by most agents, we pay for social ads on Facebook, IG, Google etc... to bring even more attention to your listing. These campaigns will reach 10,000+ people and be sure to highlight your home's best features. This strategy helps engage buyers quickly.

100% Love Guarantee

We know you'll love us but if you don't we can divorce.

If you are not completely satisfied with our service as promised, you can cancel your agreement with us. We are so confident that our real estate agents will makes you so happy. that we guarantee you the right to cancel our agreement prior to accepting a contract to purchase*

Seller Report

Weekly reports so you know were we are.

Every week you will get a personalized report designed to keep you in the loop as to how well your home is performing. The report is easy to understand and includes important statistics such as how many times a listing has been viewed by buyers in different social platforms and web.